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Random Thoughts and Writings

"Love often finds us when we are not looking for it and least expect it"

"She is my love, my moon, she lights the way in my darkest hours."

"When you love a woman and she allows you in, she is giving you everything. She will give you her heart and soul by letting you know what she fears and scares her; what her most intimate thoughts and secrets, and fantasies are; she will let you learn what makes her happy and what she pleasures in life; and she will eventually give herself to you and tell you how she wants to be touched and how to make love to her. For her to do all of this, she does it trusting in and loving you. This is when you will se who she is and how beautiful she is. This is when you know you will do anything to protect her, will never do anything to hurt her, and always put her love and trust before everything else."

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